Be A Smart AC User

Be A Smart AC USer

Comfort does not come cheap , it costs a lot.

The capital cost we spend by buying an AC is just the start of expenses throughout the Life Cycle of AC.

We spend money on Elecricity it consumes which is approx Rs 2000/ per 8 hour per month use for an average room of 120 sqft. We also spend on breakdown or service approx Rs 2500/ per year. So the cost of ownership per year is approx Rs 14500/= per AC per annum. With an average life of AC being 10 years the total Life Cycle Cost is Rs 1,45,000/ post buying.

How do we reduce the Life Cycle Cost and Increase Comfort ?

Reduce Power Consumption

reduce ac power consumption

After you have made your purchase of AC, next biggest expense is of Electricity Consumption which is approx 7-10% of Capital cost per month. Apart from buying an Energy Efficient machine by choosing Higher Star Rating Inverter machine, there are operational factors that contribute to higher energy consumption



Set Temperature

Set AC Temperature

Lower the temperature you wish to maintain higher the electricity consumption. Human comfort conditions depend on Temperature, Humidity, Air Movement / Quantity, Air Purity, Air Odour. Ideally set temperature is between 24 C to 26 C and most humans feel comfortable. Higher the set temperature lesser is power consumption.


Regular Servicing

Current drawn by an AC keeps increasing with dirty coils of outdoor unit and cooling keeps reducing with dirty filter and coil of indoor unit. Both contribute to increased power consumption. It’s recommended to get your machine serviced minimum once a three months.

Avoid Infiltration

Excessive outside air entering the air conditioned space due to gaps in windows, doors etc can cause more load on machine and hence more power consumption.

Sun Control Film


window filmSun control film on glass windows or glass facade rejects the heat from direct Sun rays and reduce the need of AC resulting in less power consumption.





Reduce Breakdown

When we get our machines regularly serviced the life of equipment increases and cost of breakdown reduces.

Enhance Life of Machine

Again regular servicjng will increase the life of machine and efficiency which shall reduce the Life Cycle Cost.

It’s important to note that AC is 70% in atmosphere (Outdoor Unit) and hence faces lots of dirty polluted air. Also Indoor unit is constantly drawing in air and removing dirt from it, this all accumulates on filters and coils.

Hence it’s MUST to do the regular service.

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